June 13, 2013

June 5

Total time: 20 mins
Total distance: 1.59 mi

Despite the fact that I had decided I didn't particularly care for running at night, I thought I could probably squeeze in a run after a 2.5 hour softball practice in the last bits of light for the day. (I'm a volunteer softball coach for 5/6/7th graders. This is my eighth summer as a coach and I still really miss playing. The only option open to me at this age is slowpitch and it's not the same, at all. I've tried it.) It was about 9:00 as I made the drive home, and I could tell that the daylight was starting to fade, but if I hurried, I could maybe squeeze in something. I was simply going to hop out of my car and go, but I didn't have anywhere to put my keys, and it would only take me a minute to run up to my apartment and grab my headphones anyway, so... I did. I left my phone behind because I couldn't readily find my running belt, which felt a little weird, because I like to carry it with me since I run by myself.

I started jogging as soon as I hit the sidewalk, instead of waiting to get to the park like I usually do. The streetlights were coming on and I knew I didn't have a lot of time before it got dark. I was kind of okay with keeping it shorter anyway because I had some blisters forming on several parts of my feet, because it's been so rainy lately that my shoes have never really fully dried. I ran along my usual path but I stayed on the non-woodsy part of the paths (which was kind of fun to explore a different part of the trail and gave me a new way to extend my overall path a little bit for the longer runs instead of just running back and forth along the same stretch of path like I usually do) because the wooded part was darker already than the non-wooded part, and frankly, it creeped me out.

I called it good at twenty minutes and made it home as it was really starting to transition to dark. I kind of felt like I did when I was a kid, coming home at dusk from wherever I'd been all day, though usually it was on a bike instead of my feet. Funny how some things never change.

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