September 19, 2013

September 15

Total time: 13 minutes
Total distance: 1.08 miles

Fall is finally starting to settle in, and I could not be more pleased. It's my favorite season for a thousand reasons that I can't even begin to name, and I'm adding reason #1001 to the list: it's awesome running weather. For me, anyway. Some people love to run when it's scorching hot outside (my dad is one of those people). Some people love to run in the middle of winter. I like to run when it's comfortable. I also like to run in pants and a jacket, so this pleases me.

Today was almost too great - it was incredibly cool and there was a nice soft breeze and it looked like it could rain at any time. However, I was an hour and a half away from my running trail and while the thought crossed my mind to bring my shoes with me, I decided against it. The last few family get-togethers we've had didn't allow any time for sneaking off for a run... so, go figure, this afternoon was pretty chill and there would have been plenty of time. So I started to get a bit anxious around 4:00 - allowing for drive time, I was trying to mentally calculate how late I could leave, and still allow myself some daylight. I don't like running at night. And I would have been very sad to have missed out on running today.

I got held up in road work traffic coming home (naturally), but even so, I was able to dart upstairs, do a quick costume change, and hit the trail just as dusk was starting to settle. Some of the streetlights were starting to come on here and there, but I figured I had enough time to run about a mile or so. I tried a slightly different route, combining my 1 mile route + 2 mile route, but cutting out the mile that goes through the heavily wooded area that just seems like it would be creepy when it is dark. As suspected, this gave me a new 1-mile route, with the added bonus of eliminating a turnaround point. (Having to slow down to turn around always feels like it jostles my momentum a bit). My legs complained a little bit but the whole run went smoother than expected, considering that Grandma's House = Food. Lots of Food.

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