May 30, 2013


I'll be honest, most of the information I have from the first few runs in April are based entirely off of my captions from Instagram.

Third run this week. Made it 20 minutes. Hoping to break my PR (32 mins) in the next couple of weeks.

So, this was significant for a couple reasons:

1. I went running three times that week. It was right about this point where I started to get that feeling where I couldn't really distinguish if I wanted to run or needed to run, because it just sort of felt like the same thing. It was starting to become a habit.

2. I believe this was the first time I hit twenty minutes for the year. I was really excited because not only was twenty minutes a pretty long time, in general, but it was the second longest run of my life. (Up until this point, my previous personal record was 32 minutes from the October Color Run, and prior to that, my record was 17 minutes). 

I guess it's worth noting that I track my runs by time, rather than distance. Time is more tangible for me; besides, distance will come along with the time. Plus, eventually, I'll be able to run more distance in the same amount of time, so I can monitor if my speed improves at all (which would be fun, but it's not really my goal right now. My goal is to build endurance. My other secret goal is to lose weight. I don't have any goals as far as how fast I want to run any certain distances. That's pretty advanced and I'm not there yet.)

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