November 10, 2013

November 10

Total time: 25 mins
Total distance: 2.05 miles

Definitely slowing down as fall creeps on. Not sure if it's the colder weather setting in or what - or the fact that it's dark by the time I get home from work, so I can really only run on the weekends. I really impressed myself with this run - I was ready to quit after a mile, but I pushed through. I wanted to make it count since I suspect that the number of outside running days for the rest of the year is limited. Plus, I have another 5K next weekend again! Gotta keep sharp!

You'll see in the photo the snazzy jacket from the Hot Chocolate Race - it's really quite comfortable. It's a tad on the cheaply-made side (I am skeptical as to how long that zipper will last) but the fit isn't quite so tight like the other jackets I have. This is even after I traded in for a size down after the race. It's pretty too - bright ultraviolet with neon orange trim. I suspect I will wear this one a lot.

At any rate - not a terrible pace, even for feeling so sluggish! Hoping to finish the year strong before I get snowed in. Not sure what I'm going to do when the Weather hits. Try to find a treadmill somewhere, I guess.

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