March 13, 2014

March 13

Total time: 28 minutes?*
Total distance: 2.17 miles

So, on the one hand, I RAN TWO MILES!!!! Playing a little fast and loose with the word "ran"... more like stumble-jogged. But whatever. TWO MILES!!

On the other... I have no idea how much time it took me to do so. I'd had a mild discrepancy with my UP band the other day so it should have tipped me off that things were amiss, but holy cow. I plugged in the band and on the main sync screen, it said 29:55... okay, cool. I almost ran a half hour, that's neat! Then on the main info screen for that activity, it said 27 minutes... okay, cool - I was almost three minutes faster than I thought! Either time would have been fine, but it irks me to not know which was correct. THAT IS A LARGE DISCREPANCY. If I were a more serious runner, I probably would have had an epic tantrum.

*For my record-keeping purposes, I am going to split the distance. Close enough, eh?

It was already clear that my UP band was not to be trusted, which is why I was wary of the distance it gave me, as well. Mostly because I ran my 2-mile route, that I have timed several times in the past, and it was only giving me a mile-ish. This clearly would not do. So, I did the most logical(?) thing, and walked the entire route that I had just run... in reverse. This time, I tracked it with Runkeeper.

It was my intention to start a new training program today and thus I was supposed to only walk, but... it was too nice out! I couldn't help it! I mean, I eventually walked, right? Ah, well.

I think, also, that this just solidifies my decision that I "need" a GPS watch. My current gadgets are clearly in need of an upgrade.


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