April 1, 2014

April 1

Total time: 18:20
Total distance: 1.25 miles

Oooh, man. I need to borrow someone's TARDIS so I can go back and punch myself in the face for thinking I'd be 5K ready by April. LOL NOPE.

I've got one this weekend... and one the weekend after that. The first one is a new one (for me), up in my sister's neck of the woods, so of course I talked her into doing it with me, though she's about as prepared for it as I am. The second one is the Totally Rad 80s Run, Part Deux, moved up from July to April (and moved up from the evening to the middle of the day). Looking forward to it not being so hot (because July = ew) and also looking forward to it being chip-timed this year. Though the fact that it is so early will make it hard to compare Last Year vs This Year times since I'll obviously have been in two different points in my training. (I say "training" like I have an actual program I'm following, when really up until now it's been pretty much "go out and run until you can't anymore, and hopefully it will be more/better than last time.")

But... yeah. Starting to get a little apprehensive about this rapidly-approaching events. I am incapable of running 3.1 miles right now. I think that time I ran 2 a couple weeks ago might have been a total fluke.

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