July 8, 2013

June 30

Total time: 12 minutes
Total distance: 1.04 miles

I had left my car at my office building on Saturday (the rendezvous point for my carpooling crew) and had hitched a ride back home with the BF – meaning that at some point, I would have to retrieve it the next day. I got the crazy notion inside my head that it would be a great idea to go there on foot. Specifically: I could run there! It wasn't far. Far enough to get in a mile, maybe two if I really wanted to stretch it. Yes, it was a brilliant plan.

I procrastinated most of the day, a bit of lingering exhausting from the night before making me lazy. Finally, though, I got dressed and headed out the door. I walked far enough to the point where I wouldn't have to cross any of the major roads (and thus possibly having to stop and wait for traffic) and then started to jog. I realized that this was, in fact, not the best idea ever, and it was pretty warm outside, to boot. I decided that I would run a mile and call it good... but I was only giving myself 12 minutes. Given my recent increased pace, I thought that seemed fair. If I couldn't make it at least a mile in the allotted twelve minutes, I would just have to live with my failure.

I did, in fact, make it a mile in that twelve minutes, plus a little extra to be safe. I wasn't quite to our parking lot yet, but that gave me enough time to walk my cool down. And then I hopped in my car and drove home, which made it very tempting to plant my car somewhere near the end of my running route in the future.

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