October 26, 2013

October 26

Total time: 26 mins
Total distance: 2.11 miles

I'm noticing a huge change from just a few months ago and I can't help but wonder if the weather isn't partially responsible. Sure, it's cold... but when it was hot and muggy in August, it was all I could do to get through a mile. Lately, when given enough time and enough daylight, I seem to be doing pretty well with distance.

It used to be that the first mile was easy and the second (or beyond) was the hard part. I've found the opposite to be true lately. If I can get through the first mile, the second (or third) becomes the easier part. Not that it's "easy" - but it's usually by that point that I've found a steady pace and I just keep going until I hit a designated stopping place.

I'm hoping this theory holds true into the upcoming weekend - it's almost 5K time again! Eek!

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