September 20, 2014

September 20 - Beat the Blerch (10K Race)

Total time: 1:39:31
Total distance: 6.2 miles

You guys. YOU GUYS.


It was amazing. The morning was cloudy and cool which is my perfect, ideal running weather. The route quickly went from paved roads to gravel trails, which was something I wasn't used to. The park was gorgeous. The trail was gorgeous. I was in a very zen state of mind throughout almost the entire thing.

I started off like I always do, but something magical happened around Mile 3. (Perhaps it was the cake at the aid station.) During miles 3 & 4, I felt so good that I decided I was going to run the whole thing, even if I had to drag myself across the finish line. And aside from the pit stop/photo ops at the aid station, I did. I ran the whole thing. All 6.2 miles. I didn't come all that way to not give it absolutely everything I had.

When I crossed that finish line, I felt damn near euphoric. Better than I had after any 5K. The elusive runner's high, perhaps. But it was that moment that I felt almost invincible. I had done this thing, this crazy thing that I never thought I'd ever be able to do. What else could I do? What couldn't I do?

Looking at my time afterward, I was momentarily confused and couldn't figure out why my times didn't match up... And then I realized my watch auto-paused when I stopped to take a picture with Sasquatch and the Blerches at the aid station. (Obviously). So, official race time is 1:39:31 but actual time spent running was the 1:38:10 time. Either way. Better than the 1:45 I was expecting! I have decided I really like this distance because once I get past Mile 2, I usually feel pretty good. Maybe a half marathon is on the cards someday after all? We'll see. For now, I shall bask in the glory of my 10K.

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