September 5, 2014

September 5

Total time: 47:20 minutes
Total distance: 3.10 miles

I live in the same city as my alma mater, and they recently launched an art project where decorated statues of our mascot were painted/sculpted and placed around town.... effectively creating a scavenger hunt for those of us who are into such things. (Hint: I am one of those people.)

There were quite a few of them near-ish to my house, so I decided that tonight's run would be a pretty casual loop into the semi-campus area to capture a few of these elusive statues. I ran/walked/lollygagged to the stadium and back, stopping to take photos of the sculptures on the way. It was completely aimless and wonderful, which is probably what a Friday evening run should be. By the time I circled back and made it to my park (my usual running grounds), I'd actually managed to get in the equivalent of a 5K.

I've also made peace with the fact that I think I need new shoes. And soon. I am going to murder my feet if I wear these things in the 10K. I know you're not supposed to wear new shoes for a race, but I can't see how they'd be any worse than these. At least new ones will have cushion. So, I'll be off to the running store hopefully this weekend to get me a new pair... and it might be an entirely new pair, since my current style (the Brooks PureFlow 2) is discontinued, and my running message board peeps say the PureFlow 3s are actually noticeably different. Not super keen on spending the money right now, but I'm even less keen on injuring myself, so: that's that.

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