August 1, 2013

July 15

Total time: 25 minutes
Total distance: 2.03 miles

Had some company on my run tonight – the BF rode his new bike across town to meet up with me before hitting the trail. We had waited until later in the evening for it to cool down a bit, because it had been rather uncomfortably hot all day, which in hindsight was a great idea. It was still incredibly humid, but at least the temperature had dropped.

My goal for the night was to run 20 minutes – I’d struggled so much after the 80s run that I didn’t know what to expect after this one. If I was feeling good, I’d maybe try to hit 25 which would hopefully give me 2 miles (I can no longer accurately predict this as my pace has been off and I was sorely disappointed last time). 

I started off feeling fantastic. My posture felt a lot better than it had, and I was jogging merrily right along for the first mile or so. I slowed down my pace a bit after that but it was a noticeable difference from this post-run run from the previous post-run run. Better. 

I went to 25 minutes (and did snag my 2 mile, woo!) and felt pretty good afterward. I don’t have another 5K on my calendar until November but I might look for something in September. August in Iowa is miserable, and anyway, it will be nice just to run for the “kell” of it for a while without having to worry about an upcoming race. I have proven to myself that I can do it, and that is an immense pressure off my shoulders. After fighting through the Color Run, I’m feeling pretty good about what I can do now. I know that if I set my mind to it, I can run 3.1 miles, without stopping, without dying.

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