August 3, 2013

July 21 - PR Run!

Total time: 55 mins
Total distance: 4.2 miles

One of my biggest pet peeves about running in the heat is that I get a lot of sweat in my eyes. I mean, I usally wear a hat and/or sunglasses, but it doesn't quite prevent the trickling. I lamented the fact that sweatbands had gone out of style, because frankly, I could use one of those... and then I decided, ah, who cares? And I got myself a sweatband. An orange one, for reasons I'm sure made sense at the time.

Feeling just the slightest bit ridiculous but looking forward to test-driving my new "gear", I set out for a run of indeterminate length. I think I was either hoping to go for a half hour, or, if I was really feeling good, something equivalent to a 5K.

I'm not sure at exactly what point I decided to go for it, but I was soldiering along nicely for quite a while. With the last 2 mile run I'd done with the BF, I'd extended my route by following the road that went behind the baseball field that was attached to the park - one full loop gave me almost 2 miles, so I decided to go ahead and integrate that into today's run. It's better than zig-zagging around and I hate reaching a point and then having to turn around, because that half second of turning feels like a tiny momentum drop. I was going pretty slowly, compared to what I usually do, but I was feeling really good.

So good, I decided to attack my PR.

And before I knew it, I had run fifty-one minutes - technically the new PR, but you know me and how much I like my 5-minute increments. So naturally I had to go another four. It timed out just right that running home from the park instead of walking home would bring me to my doorstep right at around my goal time, so that's where I stopped. Plus the BF told me that he would buy me some frozen yogurt if I made it all the way to my house, and I clearly had to take him up on that.

This also means that the next time I try to break my record, I'm gonna have to go for an hour. Eek!

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  1. DUDE. So proud of you!! And I'm glad you said fuck it and went ahead and got a sweatband!!