August 20, 2013

August 11

Total time: 10 minutes
Total distance: 0.84 miles

After another disappointing run at the lake, I had a hard time getting motivated to get back out there. It was almost a week before I laced up my shoes again and went out to attempt to run. I decided to return to my usual park, since I knew the trail really well, and it could accommodate a shorter run. If it was truly a mental block at having a long distance laid out before me, then returning to my familiar path should help that.

I had no grand ambitions of running for a long time today. I didn't even expect to try to run a full mile. I was going to run ten minutes - to the end of my turnaround point, approximately, and then I would walk home. However fast I could run it, however slow, I was just going to try to get back into the groove and get my legs working again. It felt a lot like starting over, which is always frustrating, but it's become obvious that I can't do longer distances right now, for whatever reason.

So I ran my ten minutes and then stopped. Back when I was at my peak a few weeks ago, I would run until I reached an arbitrary time and then I would stop - and I always felt good when I was done, almost like I could keep going and going. Lately, I've had to force myself to a good stopping time and when I was done, I felt done. If that makes sense? Maybe not. But today, when I stopped, I felt like I used to - that maybe I could keep going. I didn't, though. I didn't want to overdo it and I didn't want to be disappointed when I couldn't keep going. But the fact that I felt like I could, was encouraging.

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