August 5, 2013

July 30

Total time: 15 mins
Total distance: 1.18 miles

It was kind of dreary all day, and me being the weirdo I am got pretty excited about that fact. I was overdue for a run. So overdue. And yet… and yet, my body wasn’t nearly as enthused as I was, because despite the perfect temperature, it was another disappointing run.

I was mentally berating myself for most of the second half of the run – I had run almost an hour last week, and now I could barely handle the idea of anything over fifteen minutes? Even knowing that I wasn’t planning on running a long time or distance today, my legs felt really heavy and sluggish. I felt slow. I felt, once again, like I was regressing.

I threw in the towel at fifteen minutes, resolving to be better at hitting the trail more often this week and build myself back to where I was. I was almost afraid to check my time when I was done, knowing that I’d been kind of trudging along. Surprisingly, it’s not the slowest I’ve been, but I was back to ~12.8 min/mile again. 

I guess that’s the problem with it feeling like spring again – I’m starting to RUN like it’s spring again. Starting over after a long break. 

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