September 16, 2013

September 2

Total time: 12:59 minutes
Total distance: 1.07 miles

So... I took a long hiatus. Not on purpose, necessarily, but lots of random things popped up, and it didn't help matters that the temperatures skyrocketed and we had the hottest week we'd had all summer. I don't do well in the heat, and while I'd braved the 90-degree temps earlier and gotten a few runs in, once that number ticks over into three digits... I'm out. I will stay inside in the A/C.

I was just about to hunt down a treadmill when the weather finally gave us a break, so I took advantage of having Labor Day off and headed on up to the park. I left the watch at home again, since it had felt so good last time, and I knew that coming off a small break might be a bit challenging, and... I was one second short of the next minute. D'oh. That's what you get when you can't see what you're doing, I guess.

My pace was pretty decent too... I felt like I was running a little too fast, which is kind of funny in a way, because this isn't even the fastest I've run all summer (there was a stretch where I was actually under a 12 minute mile, hard to believe). Even so, it felt pretty good, and I'm getting pretty adept at guessing where my mile markers are, ish. I think that will help with being able to run for longer without obsessing over how long it's taking me to do so.

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