September 26, 2013

September 26

Total time: 14:59 minutes
Total distance: 1.16 miles

The good news is, the two 5Ks that I thought were coming up in October are actually in November (whew!) so I have a lot more time to get back into my groove.

The bad news is, I'm probably going to need that much time, as rapidly as I feel like I'm regressing.

I have never wanted to quit in the middle of a run quite so badly as I did tonight. Sure, I've been miserable and there were a few times when I was on the verge of tears, but I always pushed on, and quitting hadn't been an option. Today, though - there was a point when I swear my legs almost stopped moving as I trudged up the incline to cross the bridge on my way back. I felt like I was going to drop on the ground right then and there, and it's not like I was running some great, impressive distance. I hadn't even completed my mile yet.

Not sure what my deal was today, maybe it was just an off day, or, possibly (and more likely), all my birthday feasting was finally catching up with me. Maybe I'm just heavier right now and was struggling to adjust for the extra weight. I don't know. I walked another mile after I finished the first one, because hey, activity is activity. I also jogged for a little stretch toward the end but I didn't bother to track it. It was a bonus.

Interestingly enough, even though it felt worse, this run was nearly identical to Tuesday's run. Same distance, same pace - just three seconds slower. I didn't notice it until I put together my recap photo and saw it next to the last one.

I'm really hoping to get back up to two miles soon, maybe next week. If I can do two miles consistently, I'll be a lot less nervous about trying to do three when it counts. I will need to push myself harder again instead of letting myself talk myself into stopping at a mile under the guise of "hey, at least you ran" and "a mile's not bad" - ugh, I'm terrible. Two miles or bust next week, guys. I will take away my ice cream and my pumpkin spice lattes if I need to. I mean it.

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