June 30, 2013

June 25

Total time: 12 minutes
Total distance: 1.05 miles

Last run of the week before the 5K! I didn't really have a goal time/distance in mind when I set out, but at some point I decided that a mile would be sufficient - but this time, I was only giving myself twelve minutes. I've been running faster lately, so my goal was to run another mile under 12 minutes. By cutting myself off at the twelve-minute mark (instead of running to 12:30 like I have been, to accommodate my old pace), I'd either make it, or I wouldn't.

Spoiler alert: I made it, though my time went up (minimally) - from an 11.6 minute mile to an 11.7 minute mile. In other words: I'm starting to become more consistent with this pace. I'm curious to see how this carries forward into next week. I'm not sure if I like having a race on the horizon or not. It's a nice benchmark to see how I am doing (and if I can do it when the time comes!) but I've been pretty content running on my own without a finish line, just me and my stopwatch. We'll see. I'm curious as to how the 5K will affect my mindset, if at all. Or if it will just be a fun side-detour for a weekend.

I will say, taking three days off on purpose feels kind of weird. I really wanted to run last night. I think it's safe to say I'm hooked.

In other news, I picked up a new hat, it's one of those meshy ventilated ones intended for activities like running... black with a hot pink stripe? Yes please. Though I haven't decided if the pink is actually reflective, or if it's just so hot of a pink that my phone camera can't handle it. At any rate: IT GLOWS.

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