June 9, 2013

MAY 21

I did not take my running shoes to Las Vegas.

From a practical standpoint, I didn't really have room. I might have been able to stick them in the outside mesh pocket of my backpack, but I would have had a really hard time stuffing that thing underneath the seat in front of me on the plane. I would haven then had to make room for additional clothes to run in, which wouldn't have taken up that much space, but space is at a premium when you refuse to check any bags.

The other reason I opted out of the Saturday morning run was that, well, I didn't really feel like I was there yet. A lot of these girls have been running - competitively - for a while now. They're really good. And they're fast. And I would have gotten left behind. Which is fine, I am used to running by myself and that's possibly one of the things I enjoy about running, because I can do it whenever and wherever and by myself on my own schedule, but maybe not so much in the hot desert heat of a city that, while I'm pretty familiar with it, just reeks of The Unknown. So, I let myself talk myself out of it. And that was that. I was on vacation, after all.

When I got home, though, I was eager to get back into the swing of things. After having an overly emotional breakdown over not being able to find my shoes (because jet lag + PMS + saying goodbye to a bunch of friends that you probably won't see again for at least a year if not longer = disaster), I managed to get out the door before all the daylight was gone.

I'd taken about a week off, so I was okay with a ten to fifteen minute run, which is precisely what I ended up with.

This is a surprisingly flattering photo since I was coming up on two days since my last shower. The earrings probably helped. I forgot to take them out after coming home from dinner with the BF and darting back out the door again. I also learned how to make collages for Instagram so I can now lump together all of my gratuitous photo/time posting into one image. TECHNOLOGY IS GRAND.

Captioned: My "getting back into the swing of things/finally found my shoes/I ate Orange Leaf right before this so it's a miracle I didn't vomit in the bushes" run.

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