June 8, 2013

MAY 12

Time: 31 minutes
Distance: 2.54  miles

You'd think my brain would learn by now that my pep talks are lies. “You only have to do 10 minutes today... HAHA JUST KIDDING, MAKE IT TWENTY!”

It was a busy weekend, what with being Mother's Day weekend and all. I kicked off Saturday morning with an early start, out at the softball diamonds by 7:45. It was a hellishly windy day – and it was a cold wind, at that. After being thoroughly windblown and acquiring a lot of softball diamond dirt in every exposed crevice (I was still getting dust out of my ears today), I roadtripped up north to take my dad, stepmom, and grandma out to dinner.

Today was much nicer, weather-wise. There was a little bit of a chill but the sun was out and it wasn't miserable being outside, which is always a plus. I took my mom out to lunch and then we kind of bummed around a bit, then I decided to hit the trail. I'd be lying if I said my motivations were a bit superficial; I ate a lot this weekend and my Vegas trip is coming up fast. The fact that I did lose about ten pounds before the trip this year (like I say I am going to do every year) helps, but... the truth is, I'm not skinny enough for that town. Oh sure, you've got all types of people from all over, but you've also got ninety degree desert heat, and I'm barely comfortable in my own skin, let alone anything that shows any skin. I can't remember the last time I wore shorts. Skirts are always accompanied by leggings. I will wear jeans in the middle of the summer sometimes. I'm not terribly keen on my arms, either, and I'm a bit anxious about having to wear arm-baring shirts soon. One of the many, many reasons that fall is my favorite is that I can layer and wear, y'know, sleeves. (Body image issues. I have them.)

But I digress. I decided to work off some of the food I ate (totally worth it) and enjoy the nice day. So I suited up and went out the door before I could change my mind. I wasn't going to even turn on Runkeeper, so disillusioned was I with the inconsistent distance tracking, but then I decided that I did like it announcing my five minute milestones – even though I could obviously track that myself with my watch. It was just that little extra nudge of encouragement that I needed.

I was trying to pay attention to my form and stride a little bit more today. Not that I have any idea what that means (and I actually have pretty okay form, anyway), but mostly I was trying to keep my posture somewhat respectable (I have terrible posture) and maybe lengthen my stride a little bit (cover more ground in the same amount of time?). This worked a little bit but eventually I just reverted to my usual strategy of “don't stop, don't stop, no, you're not going to throw up, just keep going....”

I was also a little better (slightly) about checking my watch – I averaged about two minutes between checking as opposed to my usual obsessive “it's only been forty seconds?!” routine.

I told myself that I'd settle for a fifteen minute run today, since I'd had my Super Awesome Run for the week already, but I'm a liar to myself, a lot. I was approaching fifteen when I decided that, obviously, I had to do at least twenty. Twenty should be my new minimum.

I really was going to let myself stop at twenty, but then I started doing the math in my head, and if I was truly averaging a 12-minute mile (okay, it's probably still closer to 13, but shhh), then I'd need to run 25 to get two miles, and two miles is kind of awesome. When the Runkeeper Lady's voice drifted up toward me to announce the 25 minute mark, she also told me that I was at 1.95 miles. Now, I've grown rather suspicious of the distance tracking on Runkeeper, but... damn, so close. I obviously couldn't quit there.

At that point, I told myself that I could do thirty minutes, and then I could stop, whether or not I had hit two miles, I mean, I probably would, but if I didn't, that's still a respectable run. Plus I didn't think I could go much longer than that, since somewhere around 25 minutes I had picked up my pace. I think my brain had stumbled onto the idea of “the faster you go, the faster you'll be done” or something equally profound. I was breathing heavily (and probably really loudly and unattractively) but it felt kind of good to go a little bit faster. I'm looking forward to the day when I can sustain that pace for the whole run. I was really pushing myself there at the end and it really felt like I had always thought running should.

I stopped the clock at 31 minutes and whatever seconds. Runkeeper spit out a distance of 2.44 miles and the UP band gave me 2.54, so if I split the difference, that's 2.5 miles, which, frankly, is pretty awesome. I wonder if I should start averaging the two? Hmm.

I think I do need new shoes. My left foot randomly hurts a little bit sometimes and it was noticeable today. My back felt better though, maybe because I was trying to keep my posture in check. Visibly, my shoes look like they're toast, anyway. Or maybe I'm just trying to talk myself into new shoes. WINK.

Today felt better. Even though it wasn't a record-breaking run, I think it was probably my favorite so far. It just felt like a good run.

 Easy? Speak for yourself, technology!

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