June 4, 2013


Total time: 15:15
Distance: 1.32 miles

So, something weird happened at the beginning of May this year. IT SNOWED. 

I stayed inside and grumbled about the weather just like everyone else that first day, but on the second day (oh yes - it not only snowed, it stuck around), I'd had enough of being cooped up. I bundled myself up with all the warm gear I'd acquired for the chilly October Color Run and hit the trail.

I didn't go as long as I did on the previous run, but considering it was 34 degrees and there was still SNOW ON THE GROUND (I still can't get over that), I think I did mighty well.

Interestingly enough, I think I run a little bit better when it's slightly chilly. My longest runs have been on cooler days; the first day it was legitimately warm, I didn't do so great. I'm not telling myself this to talk myself out of running on warm days; I'm telling myself this to motivate me to run when it's cold. If I start whimpering about the weather when fall rolls around again, someone remind me that it's okay because I had my best early-year runs in the cold.

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